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Contest Scripts

If you are the Contest Chair or Contest Master, here is a sample script you can use for your contests and a checklist of the forms you will need.

Spring Contest Script

Spring Contest Agenda Template

Spring Contest Template - Editable

Contest Planning Grid

Evaluation - Contestant Briefing

Humorous - Contestant Briefing

International - Contestant Briefing

Table Topics - Contestant Briefing

Contestant Interview Sample Questions

Speech Contest Rulebook 2019-20

Contestant Eligibility Rules

Contest Forms

Contest Timer Sheet

Counters Tally Sheet

Contest Biographical Info

Notification of Contestant Winners

Contest Notification Document

Contestant Participation Certificate (editable)

Contestant Certification of Eligibility

Judges Certification of Eligibility

Evaluation - Judges Ballot

Evaluation - Tiebreaker Judge's Ballot

Evaluation - Contestant Notes

Humorous - Judge's Ballot

Humorous - Tiebreaker Judge's Ballot

International - Judge's Ballot

International - Tiebreaker Judge's Ballot

Table Topics -Judge's Ballot

Table Topics - Tiebreaker Judge's Ballot

1st Place Certificate

2nd Place Certificate

3rd Place Certificate


Contests are important and having them judged correctly is very important. This link will start a PowerPoint presentation used by Sandy Kardis, Jason Finks, and Curtis Scroggins on a training session for judges. It is short and very informative. This should be required viewing for all Toastmaster judges.

Also listed is a "When You're the Judge" video training from TI.

Judge's Training

"When You're the Judge" Video Training

Contest Organizer Training

Contest Organizer Tips

Contest Local Customs