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Pathways maintains Toastmasters' four guiding principles:  experiential learning, self-paced learning, peer evaluation and mentoring.  Each of the program's tailored learning paths have five levels of achievement, building progressively in complexity.  Each path includes 14 projects, including a mix of required and elective projects.  The highest level of achievement remains the DTM and you must complete two paths to meet the education requirement of achieving your DTM.



Paths & Projects

Welcome to Pathways (video - 3 min)


Getting Started in Pathways

Toastmasters Navigator 
a great resource page to Toastmasters, especially for new members
(Note you will have to login with your Toastmaster sign-in)

Pathways Quick Start Guide

Base Camp Boot Camp

Basic Pathways Video Training - 53 minutes

Pathways FAQ


Base Camp Managers

Base Camp Manager Duties

Base Camp Manager Video Training - 56 minutes


Forms & Other Resources

Base Camp Glossary

Pathways Tracking Sheet

DTM Requirements

How to Become a Pathway's Champion

Pathways Overview from District 4


Getting Help with Pathways

Whether you are a brand new member trying to choose a path or a VPE with a Pathways questions, your District 8 Pathways Team is here to assist you.  Just reach out to us by email for assistance.  We are available to answer questions, offer technical support via remote session or come and do live training at your club.

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