Omer Roberts / Dori Drummond Inmate Scholarship Fund

The Omer Roberts/Dori Drummond Inmate Scholarship Fund is named after two Past District Governors who were passionate about the prison Toastmasters Clubs. Omer and Dori both knew the difficulties associated with inmates paying their dues.

In March, 2010, the Omer Roberts Inmate Scholarship Fund was established by District 8 at Toastmasters International (TI). TI Executive Director, Dan Rex, approved the fund with the contingency that it be housed at TI under a special trust account as Districts are not allowed to house such funds. The purpose of the fund is to assist inmates with their Toastmaster dues since they cannot afford to pay their Toastmaster dues. Inmates pay half of their dues, and District 8 pays the other half. Currently, the Alpha Toastmasters Club in Jefferson City and Talu Toastmasters in Moberly are receiving funds.

To support the fund, many fundraising activities have been held by the District among them silent auctions for gift-filled baskets at district conferences, sale of St Louis area entertainment coupon books, sale of photos with a TI backdrop, profits from the flyover photo at Pier Marquette, and individual donations. Constant fundraisers are needed to keep the fund going.

A detailed report on the fund is available on the District 8 website Inmate Fund Report.