5 Ideas For A Great Open House


When is your open house? Start planning early for the best results. Here are some ideas to help you have the best one yet:

1  Organize a committee:

Find out who in your club needs a Pathways project
Organize or Help organize club special event
PR campaign - chair or help with
Membership contest
Befriend a guest at a meeting

2  Get all members involved

Share the plan

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Review the moments of truth standards - these are found in your Club Leadership Handbook
All members greet guests
Arrange a fun themed meeting – all meeting roles filled in advance
Invite a guest speaker 5-7 minute manual speech with the evaluator

3  Promote the event

Flyers - distribute to members to post in the community or at their workplace
Social media, Eventbrite, MeetUp.com
Local papers- press release, article
Community calendar, SNAP

4  Arrange for greeters

Have lots of guest kits made in advance
Ask the guests how they found out about the meeting
Introduce both guests and members (30 seconds why they joined)

5  At the meeting

Have an easy fun table topics session, invite guests to try (ask them first)
Have an experienced member deliver the open house Powerpoint (download below)
Hold a special session for guests (VPM) during the break – explain the benefits of joining your club and answer questions

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Measure your results

Process memberships promptly
Follow-up with guests
Invite guests to future meetings by phone or email

Open House Checklist 
 (Download this Checklist into a Spreadsheet Here)

Timeline Task
6-8 weeks Assign a committee & set budget Club Executive
6-8 weeks Set date with VP Education, VP Membership & VP PR Committee
Communicate date to Club Members
Plan Public Relations campaign - The key to your success!!!!
Invite local politician if appropriate
Arrange for Guest Speaker - creates buzz and excitement!
Approach experienced members for key roles - put on a good show.
Invite Area, Division & District dignitaries & put on agenda
Invite Past Members to attend - they might re-join
Invite Founding Members, Club, Sponsors/Mentors/Coaches
Ask Club Members to "Bring A Friend"
Pick an appropriate theme for the meeting (new beginnings, achievement etc.)
Pick a Word of the Day that matches the occasion
Prepare a suitable Table Topics session
Select speakers who will represent the club effectively
Prepare Open House packages/New member kits
Consider an incentive to join the day of Open House (with club approval)
2 weeks before Name tags purchased/prepared Committee
Finalize Agenda
Decorations? Make it fun & festive!
Cake? - (Yellow & Blue theme)
Food? (Consider dietary restrictions when planning)
Supplies for food (plates, forks, napkins, cups)
Finalize incentive if using (gift card, draw, slight discount to fees, etc.)
Print ample supply of "Agenda's"
1 hour before Set up room theatre style & test AV equipment SAA
Committee & Club Executive arrive early & set the welcoming tone
Guest Greeters to arrive early & set up welcome area
Guest Book, Open House Packets available
During Meeting Welcome guests
Allow guests to participate in Table Topics
Explain all parts of the meeting and the purpose of it
Thank the guests and dignitaries
Thank the organizing committee
Invite everyone to sign up or come back (Call to action is needed)

Open House Resources:

PowerPoint from the Video Presentation Above

Graphics for Toastmaster Open House on Canva

Open House News Release

Open House PowerPoint

Sample Text Message

Sample Open House Agenda

Open House Flyer

Male Open House Flyer

Female Open House Flyer