Leadership Team for 2017–2018

District Director

Kat Mokriakow, DTM

Program Quality Director

Elaine Curry, DTM

Club Growth Director

James Childress

Im. Past District Director

Lora Mather, DTM

Public Relations Manager

Eileen Smith-Murphy

Finance Manager

Tim Spezia, DTM

Administration Manager

Brian Pelikan





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Upcoming Events


Club Growth Incentives


Program Quality



Education & Training Incentives


Speakers Bureau


Youth Leadership






Division E

Logistics Manager


Division Directors

Division A

Parshu Anantharan

Division B

June Jeffries

Division C

David Kincade

Division E

Natalie Meighan

Division F

Angela Breinin

Area Directors

Area 1

Pebalz Eslahi

Area 2

Scott Moore

Area 3

Tonya Rivers

Area 4

Geoff King

Area 5

Patti Howard

Area 6

Nick Hall

Area 9

David DeVeydt

Area 10

Vi Lanum

Area 11

Josh Hunt

Area 12

Dhanuja Singh

Area 13

Rich Hoelscher

Area 14

Dan Galarza

Area 15

Monaye Dockett

Area 16

Willie Rivers

Area 17

Karen Leingang

Area 18

Susan Boley

Area 19

Vic Mattison

Area 20


Area 21


Committee Chairs

Audit Committee Chair: Richard Porter


AV Chair:


Awards Committee Chair:


Bookstore:  Tim Spezia


Club Extension Chair:  John Barry


College Coordinator:


Communic~8: Cecily Hawksworth


Conference Site:


Credentials: Lora Mather


Historian: Elizabeth Link


Nominating: Lora Mather


Omer Roberts/Dori Drummond Fund

           Jim Bubash and Curtis Scroggins


Parliamentarian:  Tom Coscia


Photographer: Jay Davila






Social Media Committee:  Raymond Stratton


Speakers Bureau:  John Barry & Farzana Chohan




Youth Leadership Chair:  Greg Phillips


Webmaster:   Frank Yates, Tom Coscia



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