Conference Keynote Speakers

World Champion Public Speaking
Keynote Speaker
Pres Vasilev

Friday, April 17
7:00 pm - Motivational Keynote title:
Journey to World Champion of Public Speaking

(Pres will have items for sale during break after keynote)

Imagine you are about to embark on a journey that can change your life. In this motivational keynote, you will witness the twists and turns, the defeats and triumphs, the decisions and discoveries that shaped Pres Vasilev’s journey to World Champion of Public Speaking.

You will pick up powerful public speaking tools, tactics and techniques, and you will discover the top secrets that helped Pres rise above 30,000 contestants from 122 countries.

link to winning World Championship of Public Speaking speech video:



International Director, Region 5
Mohamad A. Qayoom, DTM



Saturday, April 18
11:40 am - Motivational Keynote

Mohamad started his Toastmasters district leadership journey during tumultuous times when his district was on the brink of dissolution. He was fortunate to belong to a team that turned the district around and it didn’t only survive, but it thrived and became one of the most successful districts in the United States.

During his keynote, Mohamad will share some of the lessons that he has learned from various leadership positions which include: the importance of developing other people; the need for taking calculated risks; the value of consistency and persistence as well as trust; the significance of learning from one's failures; how to lead by example and manage priorities; and the importance of demonstrating empathy during difficult times.