Logistics Manager

David Kincade

Leadership Development

Dan Darnall, DTM

Division Directors

Division A

James Childress

Division B

Donna Troy

Division C

Raymond Stratton

Division E

Erin Tucker

Division F

Angela Breinin

Area Directors

Area 9

Kari Hoehne

Area 10

Sam Kloese

Area 12

Art Stanze

Area 13

June Jeffries

Area 14

Shyam Paudel

Area 15

Annetta Canaday

Area 16

Joseph Turner

Area 17

Stuart Welter

Area 18

Melissa Kelley

Area 19

Willie Blue

Area 20

Karen Walker

Area 21

Judith LaRose

Committee Chairs

Audit Committee Chair:  Wayne Allen


AV Chair:  Gary Brown


Awards Committee Chair:


Bookstore:  Tim Spezia


Club Extension Chair:  John Barry


College Coordinator:  Meg Langland


Communic~8:  Sandy Kardis


Conference Site:  Farzana Chohan


Credentials:  Farzana Chohan


Historian:  Gary White


Leadership Development:  Dan Darnall


Nominating:  Farzana Chohan


Omer Roberts/Dori Drummond Fund

           Jim Bubash and Curtis Scroggins


Parliamentarian:  Tom Coscia




Procedures:  Diana Ross


Realignment:  Cindy Larm


Social Media Committee:  Raymond Stratton


Speakers Bureau:  John Barry & Farzana Chohan




Youth Leadership Chair:  Greg Phillips


Webmaster:   Frank Yates


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